Recruit Express CARE is the home nursing arm of the Healthcare and Lifesciences division in Recruit Express Pte Ltd. Our team of CARE professionals aim to empower your loved ones to feel more independent and confident as they focus on their rehabilitation. Our services encompass home nursing care (medical), non-medical care, and even companionship.




A nurse will be deployed to assist your loved ones. The nurse will provide following services such as administration of medication, changing of feeding tubes and urinary catheter. They will also do medicine reconciliation, wound dressing and nursing services.


If you looking for physiotherapy care we can provide that. Our highly qualified & certified physiotherapists provide these Services at your home. We want to make sure that everybody gets expert treatment. So we offer a home visit service to accommodate those who are unable to make it to the clinic.


A qualified therapist will be deployed. He will be responsible to assess, recommend and assist your loved ones with physical rehabilitation, assessment of rehabilitation needs. He will design treatment and rehabilitation plans, and exercises that help improve the performance of daily activities.


A trained care associate will be deployed to your home to provide companionship to your loved ones. He will motivate them to participate in recreational activities. This will keep them mentally and physically fit as well as to accompany them on their visits to the doctor.


A study revealed that 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.


Every human being feels comfortable at home as you are familiar with the surroundings and all the facilities are there for your needs. Being at home with your loved ones has a positive psychological effect. If you have to move out to an assisted living community, it will be like a fresh start. With home nursing care, you are able to remain as independent as you can be.

When the effects of ageing are taking place, Independence is a psychological boon.

For example, you had a knee replacement surgery and instead of heading to a nursing home for care, you go back home, where a physiotherapist helps you in your recovery. And a homecare nursing aide tends to you until you are recovered. Above all the surroundings are yours; you sleep in your bed and all of this familiarity with a pool of dedicated home nursing staff with the utmost level of care will help you in your speedy recovery.

Study shows that those who receive home nursing care visit the doctor 25% lesser times than those who do not. For instance, clients with dementia and have engaged home nursing made almost 50% fewer trips to the doctor.

According to a study by American Geriatrics Society, patients with the home nursing support after hospitalization has a longer life and low risk of re-hospitalization. It is also discovered in the same study that, there is a 35% reduction in total medical bills as re-hospitalization was lesser in the case of home nursing.

Home care has important benefits compared with alternatives.

We provide the best facility for home nursing service in Singapore.


Recruit Express CARE have a ready pool of licensed and professionally-trained nurses. So they deliver CARE service that is synonymous with Commitment, Attentiveness, Resourcefulness, and Efficiency- in the comfort and privacy of your home. As a team, Recruit Express CARE can deliver most eldercare services that hospitals provide.